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Urgent Care Information

Because illnesses and injuries do not occur on your schedule....
We are here to help!


Mild headaches, stomach aches and sprained ankles can be painful, but donít usually require immediate attention. We call these conditions urgent because prompt care is required, but the condition is not life threatening.

FirstChoice Healthcare Urgent Care can be especially comforting for those parents of infants and toddlers when afternoon earaches, sore throats or fever strikes.

With X-ray and lab services on site, the clinic can also take care of those Saturday sports sprains, bumps and bruises.

Why should you go to an urgent care facility instead of an emergency room?

  1. You will be seen quicker than going to the Emergency Room.
  2. Your care will be less expensive than the Emergency Room.

Imagine that your family member has a true emergency and you visit an emergency room where the staff is challenged with treating non-emergency conditions and canít quickly service your family member . Wouldnít you want emergency care available for your loved one as promptly as possible?

Because emergency rooms take patients whose conditions are most serious first, you could have a lengthy wait if your condition is not an emergency. So why not go to an Urgent Care facility where the primary goal is to meet your urgent needs. Also, if you have out-of-pocket expenses for urgent care, they will be less than the out-of-pocket expenses for emergency care.

Insurance billing is available and payments plans can be set up when necessary.

We help patients who are unable to see their primary care physician, do not have one or are visiting the area.

Is your doctor's office closed?

Call and we can see you today! FirstChoice Healthcare is an innovative and less expensive alternative to the emergency room for minor illnesses and injuries.

Job Related Physicals

We provide a wide range of job related physicals and pre-employment testing that includes DOT physicals, vision testing, spirometry, EKG, X-rays, labs, and drug screening.

Workers Compensation

On the job injuries are an unfortunate fact of business life. We are fully equipped to treat most injuries that occur while working. Job-related accidents and illnesses receive immediate attention. We do not ask for payment at the time of service for workers compensation cases once an account is established. Bills can be mailed to company addresses and workers compensation companies.

FirstChoice Healthcare has been serving the Pee Dee area since 1995. We offer the highest quality medical care for outpatient medical needs and minor emergencies for the entire family. We are here to render quality medical care promptly, caringly, and professionally, in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Our success depends upon our doing this well.
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